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Vyústění gumového těsnění
2 € excl. VAT
2 €

Replacement rubber seal for CatGenie SaniSolution outlet.

Gumové těsnění odpadní komory
2 € excl. VAT
2 €
16 € excl. VAT
19 €

Replacement CatGenie scooper arm assy.

CatGenie - Scooper Motor Assy (V3) (73)
16 € excl. VAT
19 €
náhradní díly sadaorez
8 € excl. VAT
10 €

Set of spare parts for Self-washing cat box CatGenie.

Vrtulka čerpadla odpadní vody
9 € excl. VAT
11 €

Replacement CatGenie sewage pump impeller.  

Code: KCGV
stírací kroužek pod mísu
2 € excl. VAT
3 €

Replacement CatGenie under the bowl wiper ring.  

2 € excl. VAT
3 €
Spodní plastová základna kompletní
114 € excl. VAT
138 €
41 € excl. VAT
50 €

GenieDome gives all the privacy that the cat desires and helps you to keep your home clean and fresh.

Code: KCGD
geniedoor catgenie 120
31 € excl. VAT
37 €

Transparent GenieDoor to the GenieDome.

29 € excl. VAT
35 €

Genie Mat is the plastic mat used for CatGenie cat box to prevent litter tracking in your house.

Code: KCGM
catgenie granule
162 € –9 %
121 € excl. VAT
147 €

Replacement biodegradable washable granules suitable for Catgenie automatic toilet.

Code: KCGG6
catgenie sidewalls
32 € excl. VAT
39 €

Genie Sidewalls are part of CatGenie dome and you can also use them independently without CatGenie dome.

Code: KCGS
catgenie granule tra
22 € excl. VAT
27 €

CatGenie Washable Granules are nothing like traditional cat litter - you don't have to scoop, replace, or throwing them out, moreover, they don't create bad smell and dust.

Code: KCGG
434 € excl. VAT
525 €

CatGenie is the world's first self-washing litter box that works automatically. This innovative cat litter box designed so that you never have to touch, smell, or breathe your...

Code: KCG120PR
5248576 tra
414 € excl. VAT
501 €

CatGenie is the world's first self-washing litter box that works automatically. This innovative cat litter box designed so that you never have to touch, smell, or breathe your...

Code: KCG120
2 € excl. VAT
3 €
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Meet the CatGenie - the only cat box in the world with automatic flushing and washing. CatGenie will satisfy your cat's need to scratch, but instead of disposable litter, it provides comfortable and biodegradable washable granules. CatGenie cat box works completely independently and automatically, giving you and your cat comfort that you both deserve.

  • CatGenie cat box toilet uses permanent washable granules
  • You don't have to touch or change the litter
  • Without dust, germs, odor, and litter
  • Flushes cat waste away from your home
  • Automatically washes out the granules and performs sanitation
  • CatGenie is used and recommended by vets
  • How does a CatGenie cat box work? How much will a cat box cost?

You can purchase directly from local distributors in some EU countries.

Read more about CatGenie cat box

CatGenie is a modern solution for cats and their owners. It works flawlessly, effortlessly, and without the need to change the litter. You can find all the details about this modern cat box works on the subpage How CatGenie works? In addition to other benefits, CatGenie also offers savings on litter. Further questions about the cat box are answered in the FAQs section, or on the infoline +420 572 503 759.

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