The CatGenie features a motion sensor that detects when your cat is using the CatGenie cat box. When your cat finishes and leaves, the CatGenie automatically begins a cleaning cycle, it has three phases:

  • Solids are scooped away with the Genie Hand, then they are liquefied and sent out.
  • The CatGenie washes the granules with a mixture of cold water and SaniSolution (fresh scent or scent-free). During this cycle, CatGenie sanitizes, scrubs and cleanses the bowl and granules.
  • Lastly, the CatGenie blow-dries the bowl and the granules.

Your cat will always find it's cat box fresh and clean!

CatGenie 3 different activation options:

Cat Activation: The CatGenie is equipped with built-in sensors (Genie Eyes) that detect when your cat is using the box. The CatGenie will automatically run a cleaning cycle 10 or 30 minutes after your cat leaves the box.

Automatic Start: Automatic Start allows you to preset the CatGenie to automatically run cleaning cycles up to 4 times a day.

Manual Activation: You can manually start a cleaning cycle when you want. Simply press the START button on the CatGenie unit.

Cat Activation

The cleaning cycle starts ten minutes after the cat uses the bowl. If another cat starts to use the cat box in the meantime, the unit resets and the cycle starts ten minutes later. The device cannot start if there is a cat inside the cat box. The Genie Eyes optical sensor takes care of that.

When the cat box is activated by the cat, the CatGenie automatically switches from 120 doses to 240. Since in this case the device is cleaned immediately after use, a smaller amount of sanitizing solution is required.

Cat activation setting uses two modes: 14 hours of standby mode and 10 hours sleeping mode.

Standby mode: the device is cleaned after the use.

Sleeping mode: automatic cleaning doesn't start, you can simply press the Start button or wait on standby mode.

Automatic Start

The cleaning of the CatGenie cat box will automatically start four times in 24 hours. After the setup, cleaning starts every time at the same time.

Automatic start uses a timer so it's needed to select the exact time of cleaning. For example, if you choose to start the cleaning cycle at 2 pm and 2 am, then the automatic start must be set at either 2 pm or 2 am. When do the setting, it's important to follow the schedule on the left and watch when the cats use the bowl, so that you can better adapt the cleaning time to their needs.

How often is cleaning with automatic start needed?

  • One cat - clean twice a day
  • Two cats - clean four times a day
  • Three cats - clean six times a day

Note: If the cat starts to use the cat box in the time of preset cleaning cycle, the unit resets and the cycle starts ten minutes later.

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