What is CatGenie?

CatGenie is an automatic self-washing cat box that flushes waste away. You'll never touch, smell, breathe, buy or carry cat litter ever again. This innovative cat litter box designed so that you never have to touch, smell, or breathe your cat's litter again. It rinses out the dirt, sanitizes litter bowl and granules with SaniSolution (with or without scent), and dries all appliance.

Why is CatGenie perfect for you and your cat?

  • Uses eco-friendly, biodegradable, and washable Granules that don’t need to be changed
  • Comfy CatGenie Granules satisfy your cats need to dig and cover
  • It washes and dries itself, leaving the cat box always fresh, clean, disinfected and nicely scented
  • Saves money and environment
  • Used and recommended by veterinarians worldwide
  • Simple assembly and maintenance
  • Vary of accessories

    CatGenie is ideal for home with more cats

    One CatGenie self-washing cat box can be used by up to 3 cats. By using CatGenie you will save a lot of money on cat litter, and your home will be always clean and fresh.

    No more scooping dusty litter full of germs

    Rather than constantly scooping and replacing dusty traditional cat litter that is also full of germs, the CatGenie uses high quality, biodegradable and washable Granules that are thoroughly washed and dried for fresh use every time. On average, a box of Washable Granules will last 4-6 months (for one cat), and a single SaniSolution Cartridge will last 3-4 months.

    Read more about CatGenie cat box

    CatGenie is a modern solution for cats and their owners. It works flawlessly, effortlessly, and without the need to change the litter. You can find all the details about this modern cat box works on the subpage How CatGenie works? In addition to other benefits, CatGenie also offers savings on litter. Further questions about the cat box are answered in the FAQs section, or on the info line +420 572 503 759. jv5_0459_01
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