Statement on the availability of CatGenie AI for the European market

Dear Customers,

The following short text answers most questions about the availability and sales of the new CatGenie AI within Europe.

The answer to the simple question "when will it be available?" is unfortunately relatively complex, as it is far from being related only to our wish and will to offer you the new product for purchase as soon as possible.

The new CatGenie AI automatic cat litter box has a digital interface and some "smart" features that are certainly practical and convenient. However, they are fully dependent on the interconnection of each individual toilet and the downloaded customer app with the core system, which runs on a cloud-based platform in the US.

Due to EU laws and legislation related to broad GDPR issues (data protection, etc.), it is not desirable for EU customers to provide their data or be connected to data centers that would transmit/store customer data outside the EU. (The same is true for any cloud or network applications and services from other providers, which is why many of the applications available in the U.S. do not "reside" in Europe.)

The manufacturer is aware of the growing demand for the new model in Europe and is prospectively preparing to launch a cloud solution for the EU with the aim of making the new model with all its benefits available to all interested parties in Europe as well.

For the time being, however, it is quite clear that the launch of this cloud service, which is a key prerequisite for the launch of the CatGenie AI model in the EU, will be subject to considerable investment and a transitional testing period.

Given the need for language localisation (of which there are many in Europe), the alignment of the system with uniform legislation but also with national regulations of individual countries, etc., it is very likely that the service will not be launched before at least two years, and this assumption will also need to be confirmed.

The currently available CatGenie 120+ model FULFILLS THE SAME FUNCTION as the new AI model. In terms of mechanics and main purpose - i.e. automatic and touch-free removal of cat "waste", it is virtually identical.
The advantages of the new AI model lie largely only in the extended setting options (but the CG 120+ also has automatic programs) and the monitoring or recording of the toilet activity, which can then be more easily analyzed from the available data.
However, both models ensure the same level of hygiene and comfort for your pets. The CatGenie 120+ is a highly reliable and proven model with minimal operational requirements, maximum reliability and long service life. Although it "lacks" some smart features, it does not lag a millimeter behind in its intended use.

Despite the manufacturer's strong warnings about the incompatibility of the device, some customers unwisely decide to purchase the CatGenie AI from the USA or one of the international e-shops. However, to their disappointment and our regret (that we cannot help them), they subsequently encounter the following major problems and consequences:

1) The CatGenie AI operates with a voltage of 110 V and a frequency of 60 Hz.
If such a device is plugged straight into the EU mains, it is immediately irreversibly destroyed and cannot be claimed.

2) However, even those who believe that a transformer will solve the problem will subsequently find that the vast majority of commercially available transformers are unable to adapt the voltage, current and frequency characteristics to make the CatGenie AI work flawlessly in the EU. And perfect transformers cost several times the price of the toilet itself.

3) As noted above, smart and AI functionality depends on cloud services available primarily in the US. Registration from Europe is not officially supported, and unprofessional efforts to work around this incompatibility fail to unlock many features that are available in the US.

4) A new "CatGenie AI code activation" feature available exclusively from the manufacturer through US dealers, including location data, is planned to be launched soon for the AI model. At the point where the "sales" (US, etc.) are incompatible with the "location" (EU, etc.) the activation code will not be usable and the CG AI will not be able to run. (Like many other online services or applications that are territorially coded and don't work elsewhere.)

5) Even with the best will, it is not in our power to service CatGenie AIs purchased outside of the official distribution (which now does not exist in the EU) in any way. Thus, when a malfunction occurs (if the device still manages to start up at all), the customer is left with no option but the very expensive and uncertain route of servicing overseas or being left with a non-functioning device.

Finally, our promise that we will do our utmost (in terms of work and investment) to ensure that the AI model is successfully marketed in Europe as soon as possible.
From the point of view of the function and user comfort of automatic care for your pets, it is completely unnecessary to postpone the purchase of the current CatGenie 120+ model and wait for a long time (units of years) for the new CatGenie AI model. Time is not just money, time is life... yours, your cat's and yours together. And it is certainly wiser and more enjoyable to spend it playing together than taking out "unloved", non-organic and unnecessary waste.

Wishing you luck and good decisions
Your CatGenie Cz and Europe team.

Vytvořil Shoptet | Design