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Our goal is to answer all your questions about CatGenie self-washing cat box. You will find here information about EU hygienic norms, what to do if you have more cats or small kittens, and many more.

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How do I get my cat to use a new cat box?

1) Will my cat acclimate to the CatGenie Self-Washing Cat Box? Yes. Sometimes we have to help the...

Hygiene of self-washing cat box CatGenie

1) Does the CatGenie toilet comply with European standards? Yes. The CatGenie self-washing cat box ...

CatGenie for more cats

1) We have three cats at home. Is CatGenie suitable for them? Sure! CatGenie is a great solution ...

General questions about CatGenie

1) Is the CatGenie safe for cats? Yes, it is! Built-in sensors (GenieEyes) detect when your cat is ...

Other FAQS

Is the CatGenie SaniSolution safe for cats? Yes! The SaniSolution120 is safe for cats. The SaniSolu...

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