Savings & Environment

Where does your cat litter come from?

  • Like coal, litter is strip-mined (than depends on a type of cat litter)
  • Litter is processed, packaged, and trucked
  • Transport is very expensive

Where does litter end up?

  • It's contaminated with cat waste
  • Dumped into plastic bags
  • 8 Billion lbs of litter end up in landfills every year
  • Litter doesn't biodegrade

Where should waste go?

Waste from home drains and toilets goes to treatment plants for proper decontamination.


Is cat litter safe?

    • From Mayo Clinic: Handling pet waste can be hazardous to your health. You can become infected by scooping a cat's litter box.
    • One ounce of cat urine makes a 85g clump.

    Stop littering. CatGenie is Greener and Cleaner.

    Now we examine the control of waste via the CatGenie.

    Average annual consumption of SaniSolution:

          • 1 cat: 3 - 3,5 cartridges
          • 2 cats: 6 - 7 cartridges

    Plus spare box of granulate to add from time to time.

    "Traditional" litter boxes produce annualy 170 kg of waste per 2 cats in average.

    Do Granules get changed?

    never need changing, never form clumps, and don't make waste.

    Replenish as needed. Some stick to solids or get scattered.

    Are the Granules safe?

    • Made from special recycled plastics
    • Granules are 100% safe
    • Granules biodegrade in landfills within two years and in septic systems within 9 months

    Any health issues?

    • Granules thoroughly decontaminated
    • Washes germs and waste away
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