Your cat and the CatGenie

CatGenie - the only cat box in the world with automatic flushing and washing.

CatGenie will satisfy your cat's need to scratch, but instead of disposable litter, it provides comfortable and biodegradable washable granules.

CatGenie cat box works completely independently and automatically, giving you and your cat comfort that you both deserve.

Every cat is different and how their owners approach the change to the CatGenie can affect how cats accept their new cat box. As of 2010, we’ve had experience with close to 125,000 cats and their owners. We have also worked with cat behaviorists and trainers. The attitude of the owners is critical.

DO be patient. While most cats accept CatGenie quickly, some cats can take up to a week or more to get used to the change. The best way to succeed is not to rush.

Be gentle but stick to a procedure and do it confidently and consistently.


If 2 of your 3 cats use the CatGenie, don’t revert to the litter box. This will confuse the users. Running the CatGenie more often makes it more inviting to the non-user. DO be confident. Surveys of CatGenie owners show, that once shown the Bowl of Granules, 90% of the cats know it’s where to go and use it. If a cat needs more time to accept the CatGenie, don’t worry. In fact, during the acclimation period, it is safe and normal for cats to refrain from “going” in the first 24 to 48 hours.

USE THE FOLLOWING STEPS. However, if you feel confident that your cats are comfortable and are using the CatGenie, skip a step. If one or all of your cats need more time, be patient, and repeat a step. Do it for as long as it takes.

STEP 1. Setup your CatGenie in its location. Run a Cycle to get familiar with how it works, to check the setup, and to satisfy your curiosity. You know your cats. Will they find it fascinating? Will they be wary? Depending on their personality, you may just allow them to satisfy their curiosity and watch it. Or you may wish to shut the door. DO, until your cats are comfortable with the CatGenie, press the START Button to clean instead of doing an automatic setting. Again, this depends on your cats. PS, be sure to clean often.

STEP 2. Allow your cats to investigate the CatGenie. Leave the door open. Treat them in the location. Praise them as they explore it. DON’T make a fuss over the CatGenie. Act normal, natural. Let your cats be curious.


STEP 3. If the CatGenie goes in an area different then the old litter box, move the old litter box to the new area, if the litter box needs to be moved a great distance, cat behaviorists recommend moving it little by little, slowly over time to the new location so that your cats can gradually adjust to the change. If your cats are quick to “get it” and get into the CatGenie... great. DON’T mix cat litter in with the Washable Granules in the CatGenie. It will cause a malfunction, which will create a problem of cat acceptance.

STEP 4. When the old litter box is in the same location as the CatGenie, keep it there but don’t clean it. Clean the CatGenie every day about one to two times a day for each cat even if you think they’re not using it. Cat urine doesn’t show on CatGenie Granules. Let your cats get used to the sounds, smells, and presence of the CatGenie. Very important that you act very at ease around the CatGenie. Take it for granted. And DO keep the new area clean and cat friendly with toys and treats.

STEP 5. In the first day or two, run the cleaning cycles on manual. In the first week, depending on your cat’s temperament, you may want to run the CatGenie while your cats are not around, as the new sound might startle them. Many cats don’t mind the sounds or movement from the start. Cats soon learn to associate the sounds and clean smells with their new, always clean the cat box. DO praise and treat your cats when they use it. DON’T follow your cats into their bathroom. DON’T force cats into the CatGenie.

STEP 6. Program the Cat Activation mode; it is the best way for you and your cats to enjoy the most from your CatGenie. DO relax. And register your warranty online. Get new tips for cat acceptance, product upgrades, and savings on supplies.


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