Dimensions & Setup

Size Requirements:

  • CatGenie is 53.3 cm high including SaniSolution Cartridge*
  • The cat area (Bowl) is 48.3 cm across
  • The back of CatGenie narrows to 40.6 cm across
  • CatGenie is 61 cm from front to back, including hoses
  • CatGenie has the same footprint as most large litter boxes.

Plumbing Requirements:

CatGenie needs a

  • hook up to cold water
  • toilet or laundry drain
  • pipe to accept waste
  • 230 volt ac electrical outlet

CatGenie has a

  • 3 m long Drain Hose
  • 2.5 m long Water Hose

Technical specifications:

  • Required voltage: 240 V, 60 Hz (15 A fuse)
  • Consumption: 20 W (cleaning cycle - 17 minutes), 1200 W (drying cycle - 17 minutes)
  • Approximate weight: entire CatGenie - 12.5 kg (work unit - 5.5 kg; base - 7 kg)

Cat & Kitten Requirements:

One CatGenie works best with 2 to 3 cats of average size. Best for kittens 6 months and older.

Bathroom / Toilet Set Up


CatGenie in a bathroom requires an easy, one time Do-It-Yourself connection to fresh, COLD water intake, a toilet and an electric outlet.

  1. Turn mains water off as a precaution. Use supplied self-cutting tap to connect to the toilet or sink cold water line.
  2. Screw the CatGenie water hose to the self-cutting tap. Be careful not to over-tighten or get cross threaded.
  3. Turn the mains water back on, turn on the self cutting tap & check for leaks.
  4. Hook the CatGenie drainage hose over the rim of the toilet and under the seat. You can keep it there and still use the toilet.
  5. Plug into an electric outlet. (30 secs). You can pre program your CatGenie to run automatically up to four times a day or simply push a button to start.

Laundry Set Up


  1. Turn valve to shut off COLD water.
  2. Unscrew the water-line hose under the valve.
  3. Attach that hose to the provided ¾ inch T-Adapter then attach the T, to the water line.
  4. Screw the CatGenie hose to the T-Adapter. Turn cold water back on.
  5. Hook the drainage hose into the washing machine drain pipe. Won’t interfere with washer.
  6. Plug into an electrical outlet. Program your CatGenie to run from one to four times a day, or simply push a button to start washing.
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