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CatGenie is the world's first self-washing litter box that works automatically. This innovative cat litter box designed so that you never have to touch, smell, or breathe your cat's litter again. It rinses out the dirt, sanitizes litter bowl and granules with SaniSolution (with or without scent), and dries all appliance. CatGenie works with original biodegradable washable granules. Never use other cat litter granules! One CatGenie self-washing cat box can be used by up to 3 cats.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

Innovated model CatGenie 120+

 We introduce you a new innovated model of CatGenie - CatGenie 120+. CatGenie 120+ allows you to set 4 different ways to make the activation of the device by your cat. 

Original model CatGenie 120

  • 14 hours of standby mode and 10 hours of sleeping mode - inactive mode during the day or night.
  • Cleaning cycle starts after 10 minutes that cat left the cat box.

Innovated model CatGenie 120+

  • 14 hours of standby mode and 10 hours of sleeping mode - or 24 hours standby mode and 0 hours sleeping mode
  • Cleaning cycle starts after 10 or 30 minutes that cat left the cat box.


Cleaning cycle starting after 10 minutes: Suitable for 1 cat or more cats that are not using the cat box right after each other.
Cleaning cycle starting after 30 minutes: Suitable for more cats that are using the cat box right after each other.

Self-flushing and self-washing cat box CatGenie

  • CatGenie is the only cat device in the world that does the work for you - it cleans, sanitizes and dries the cat box by itself.
  • Thanks to the CatGenie - The world’s only self-flushing and self-washing cat box you never have to touch, smell, or breathe your cat's litter again.
  • Includes 1 SaniSolution cartridge - fresh scent and 1 box of biodegradable washable granules.

Supplies and accessories for the CatGenie:

  • CatGenie 120+ GenieMat
  • CatGenie 120+ GenieDoor to the GenieDome
  • CatGenie 120+ Sidewalls
  • Cartridge 120 Maintenance
  • Cartridge 120 SaniSolution Fresh Scent
  • Cartridge 120 SaniSolution Scent-Free
  • Washable Granules


How CatGenie works?

The CatGenie features a motion sensor that detects when your cat is using the CatGenie cat box. When your cat finishes and leaves, the CatGenie automatically begins a cleaning cycle, it has three phases:

  1. Solids are scooped away with the Genie Hand, then they are liquefied and sent out.
  2. The CatGenie washes the granules with a mixture of cold water and SaniSolution (fresh scent or scent-free). During this cycle, CatGenie sanitizes, scrubs and cleanses the bowl and granules.
  3. Lastly, the CatGenie blow-dries the bowl and the granules.

Your cat will always find it's cat box fresh and clean!

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The cat used the cat box. The GenieHand scoops away solids and sifts through the granules. The solids are thrown into a waste chamber.
2019-01-11_133233 2019-01-11_133956 2019-01-11_134120_01
The water and SaniSolution decontaminate the Granules and cat box of germs and odors. A hot-air blower completely dries the Granules and cat box. Cat box is ready to use again.


Aktivace CatGenie

Můžete volit ze tří možností:

  • CatGenie 3 different activation options:

    • Cat Activation - The CatGenie is equipped with built-in sensors (Genie Eyes) that detect when your cat is using the box. The CatGenie will automatically run a cleaning cycle 10 or 30 minutes after your cat leaves the box.
    • Automatic Start - Automatic Start allows you to preset the CatGenie to automatically run cleaning cycles up to 4 times a day.
    • Manual Activation - You can manually start a cleaning cycle when you want. Simply press the START button on the CatGenie unit.

    What is in the box:

    1 x CatGenie 120+ Self-Washing Cat Box
    1 x CatGenie 120+ GenieDome
    1 x Fresh Scent SaniSolution Cartridge
    1 x Box of Washable Granules
    2 x T-Adapters
    1 x Dual Hose Adapter
    Instruction and Operation Manuals


    CatGenie app NOTICE:
    In the EU territory currently only the CatGenie 120+ models are available. Reliable and fine tuned upgraded cat litter boxes that make your pet care fully automated and trouble-free.
    AI smart version (available in the USA only) will NOT be released in the EU during 2021 (neither in 2022 most likely...).
    CatGenie app for smartphones is NOT designed for and does not connect with 120+ models.
    CatGenie 120+ models are fully self guided appliances and do not require any smartphone setup procedures.

    Test of CatGenie self-washing cat box

Additional parameters

Category: Self-Washing Cat Box CatGenie
Warranty: 24 months
Weight: 23.6 kg
Voltage and frequency: 230V, 50Hz (10 A fuse)
Connection: cold water for toilet or washing machine outlet
Dimensions (h / w / d): 53 x 48 x 58 cm, bowl diameter: 40 cm
Consumption: 20 W (cleaning cycle); 1 200 W (drying cycle)
Use for: 2 - 3 cats of average size
Manufacturer: Petnovation ltd.
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